2021/02/03 E-Tricycle of AFTA Technology Co., Ltd Lunch Ceremony

Taiwan's first multifunctional electric tricycle is about to be born in Tainan!
GO, GO, E-Tricycle!
AFTA Group, which started in Tainan, has always adhered to the company's 4 core values: crisis value, turnover of business opportunities, innovative business models, and the belief in the sharing economy. Although the epidemic is severe, our pace of innovative development of three-wheel electric vehicles cannot stop at all. It is expected that on February 3 this year, at Jane Goodall's classroom, Chang Jung Christian University in Tainan, the world's latest New E-motor Tricycle will be held. I sincerely hope that everyone will participate in the grand event and witness the exhibition in Tesla , after that, another milestone in the world of electric vehicles.
AFTA Technology Co., Ltd., which originated from the background of family plastic machinery, has been deeply involved in the tricycle market in Africa. In view of the mission of saving energy, reducing carbon, environmental protection and loving the earth, starting from 2018, it will integrate Taiwan’s electric supply chain with the PULLMAN international team, which is multifunctional The electric tricycle is finally coming to market. This E-motor tricycle (including Dining Tricycle, Cargo Tricycle, Taxi Tricycle, Fire Fighting Tricycle, etc.) is completely designed by the Taiwan AFTA team and manufactured by FCS. It is not only the first in Taiwan, it may also be the world's first all-electric
Green Energy Multi-Function Tricycle, Especially the electric Fire Fighting Tricycle has repeatedly won international invention awards and is currently the only one in the world.
These new E-motor Tricycles, based on the spirit of Taiwan’s Bull, combined with African Egypt and Taiwan’s Tainan descent, will drive the automotive industry across ancient and modern civilizations and move towards a new green economy. This small achievement has not only deepened the cooperative relationship between Taiwan and the African continent internationally; locally, it has set off with a brand-new electric dining car to further enhance Taiwan’s night market culture, innovate tourism models, integrate local creation, and revitalize the local economy. The business model has allowed the economy to take off again. The current post-epidemic era has led Taiwan's economy to start from the local area and to the world, welcoming the era of new green energy electric vehicles. Pullman Driving For Your Life!
The chairman of AFTA and all employees warmly invite to witness the history!