2020/04/23 #Taiwan can help #AFTA Group #Pullman

In the face of the violent COVID-19 epidemic, in addition to forming a national team of masks, what anti-epidemic magic is there for Taiwanese companies?  Today, let the association introduce high-quality Taiwanese manufacturers, and Pullman, who is also a member of the association, let us take a look at what products they have to fight the epidemic Let ’s go ~

 Thorough environmental disinfection is one of the keys to epidemic prevention. Therefore, in this epidemic, we often see the health bureau personnel and chemical soldiers carrying heavy barrels and spraying disinfectants on foot.  However, such a method not only causes personnel fatigue and requires frequent replenishment of medicines, but also is difficult to carry out on a large area, resulting in a large amount of labor and a slow progress in disinfection operations.  In order to optimize the sterilization operation, pullman specially developed a "disinfection tricycle", which puts disinfectant into the storage bucket on the vehicle, and people can ride the tricycle and spray the disinfection along the way, greatly reducing the time and labor costs required for the operation.

 The biggest feature of the disinfection tricycle is mobility, which can be quickly deployed to many environments. It is suitable for hospitals, commercial districts, schools, troops, factories, etc., requiring only a few personnel to quickly disinfect a large area.  In addition, even if it is a lane alley that large vehicles can't enter, it is just as difficult to sterilize tricycles in Asia. No matter what kind of narrow lane, he can enter quickly and complete the disinfection task quickly, creating a safe living environment for people.

At present, disinfection tricycles have been adopted in many countries. Egyptian President Abdel FattahEl-Sisi even reviewed them in person and received extensive reports from the Egyptian media.  With the epidemic continuing to threaten the world, pullman will continue to guard everyone by disinfecting tricycles and let the Taiwanese world see the power of Taiwan!

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