The establishment of ATOZ-PULLMAN tricycle is because of the financial and political crises, which caused chaos in north Africa. For better or worse, however, this event brought up new opportunity for the birth of "Pullman Tricycle" in 2008.

Our initial design idea was generated from Taiwanese Buffalo spirit (hard working without complaining), then bridged a solid collaboration with Tier 1 Egyptian auto manufacturer INDE. We together consistantly insist that quality, quality, and quality are the best policy and key to success.  Our cutting-edge multi-function transforming Tricycles have made our customers' dreams come true.  

PULLMAN will keep our promises on innovations, especially when "going green" has become the trend of all kinds of vehicles, e.g. PULLMAN electric firefighting gained many golden awards.  Keep going Zero carbon emissions and achieve sustainability.

PULLMAN driving for your life and for next generations!

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